Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday July 28 -- trying to get things done

Sorry, it seems that I have been a little remiss on giving information on the blog --

We have had a fun and yet busy week.

We are all trying to get things finished for our presentation next week.

It feels like a bigger deal than what I had originally anticipated.

I thought that we were going to present our labs to each other but I guess that is not the case-- invitations are going out to our superintendents, co workers, principals and such. Now I'm a little nervous....

So, I have been furiously working on my powerpoint in my spare time -- in between labs, when I get here, when I get home etc.

We checked out our digital microscopes using the defractions that we made along with some neat slides that showed the light defractions in the afternoon, we checked out the electron microscope-- we looked at a fly close up --- no REALLY,REALLY close up --

The photos follow... the first one is of a fly's head --

This is a little closer -- next we're going to stem in on the dots.
Or Eye area.....

look at the eye area-- that's what we have focused on.

Notice that each of these "dots" have boatloads of other dots- now we'll look at one of them close up. Remember, this is the eye of a fly- think about how small this is!

This is a picture from the electron microscope - these dots are on one of the dots of the eye of a fly. I can't believe the detail! I know, "Calm Down Mrs. Neagle" - it's just that I am truly in awe when I think about what we can do and see now with our current technology.

Anyway, some other neat news -- I got my own digital microscope to bring back into the classroom and have a lesson planned out for it. Another neat thing-- you'll have to check out my "BU Photonics Center" Lab coat-- I will be wearing it in school.
TTFN ..... Mrs. N

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