Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday afternoon- week 5

So we have gone to Ted Morse' lab so that John could video tape the experiment for his poster/presentation. Bob started a new run - but we got there and the solution was cloudy - he stirred it with a magnetic stirrer and added acetate to it to dilute it - when he started to run it, there were several flashbacks and he had to scrub this test run - However, before ending the session, John WAS able to get a video of the lab as well as the run -- posted on you tube and on his blog - wildcat physics-- It came out pretty well .... Check it out.

I finally was able to upload my video on you tube and have also copied onto this blog - check out Ranjithe's Lab with the Raman Microscope.

While John was working on that lab, I ran down to Ranjith's lab -he was not there . I want to get the results and compare them on my computer - so that I can work on my presentation. I need to make sure that I have analyzed the data so that I can come up with some conclusions or redesign.... (note steps of the Scientific Method).

Hopefully, I will have the powerpoint presentation posted to the blog this week so that you can get a better understanding of the lab that I've been working in.

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