Thursday, July 8, 2010

Clean room Activity - check out the get up -- Before going into the first room , we had to put our shoes onto this contraption that vacuummed the dirt and loose sand off-- then went into the first semi-clean room where we donned a lovely hairnet, booties, the suit, goggles and gloves. We then were okay'd to go into the next room where we put on this attractive headpiece and boots that covered any open area, snapped at our shins and fastened on our feet. We didnn't need to do this but if we were speaking -needed to put on the face mask.

We will be going in here for another three times to make refracted glass.

We were shown the process yesterday and will be making our own.

Essentially, it looks clear but when youput it under the microscope, you can

see the refracted images. (there were dots on the slide yesterday)

I will explain in detail the process when we go through it next week.

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