Friday, July 9, 2010

New Lab -- New Day

My Lab Partner and I have been reassigned to a new lab.....

Yesterday morning, we had a meeting with one of the liasons from the RET project to discuss how we were progressing in our lab....
Well, the person that we were working with was on vacation and we were asked to devise a system to feed the solution evenly to the nebulizer but not sure what to do from there - waiting for an answer as to whether we could purchase the part and start to build and test our prototype. We were then met by Leah, the lab liason and she said that there was a project originally planned for us but it was outsourced to a co in Tennessee - so we were there to observe and help as needed - but no longer a set plan.
We went to lunch, came back and Leah introduced us to another gentleman and his lab on looking at the waves of different types of light -- he showed us how the machine worked and then left. Mr. P. and I played for a while - testing out my flashlight, the flash on a camera and such and then got bored and went back to our office - again with no direct plan.

We were met again by Helen - the RET project liason and she said that we will be going to a different lab that really could use our help-- YEA!!! We will be testing out a new machine and comparing the results with a much larger machine and giving them feedback on the new equipment. We will be testing the light waves of ecoli -- this is a really good test because they have been able to see that different strains have different light (color) - which coincides with properties of matter. It will be helpful in the doctor's office because instead of him saying,"Try this medicine"- he will know immediately what will kill that bacteria and give you the right stuff.

Hopefully, we will stay in this lab for the rest of the time so that I can post on the progress.


  1. Just think of all of the experience you are getting - actually seeing this stuff in the making!

    My friend, Diana, is now in her residency part of becoming a surgeon. She worked in a lab for two years, doing experiments on mice and stuff. I thought a lot of your science projects from 6th grade during that time. ;)

    Personally, I am much more geared toward the symbolism, literature, and mythology type of stuff. But you know, with my interest in sustainable living, it's a good idea to have a scientist in your back pocket. SOMEONE has to invent new, less expensive, energy-saving solar panels and the like.

  2. Ya, it is exciting to see how things start and where people are running with it -- I think that my students would be interested in the fiber optics because they can relate to the ipods and such. I personally am interested in the identification of the bacteria and such - it will change how doctors treat us.