Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Middle of Week three and feeling a bit stressed.

It's Wednesday and this morning we went to a meeting to find out more about how to set up our poster for presentation on the last week. I was looking forward to answers on some questions that I had but after attending, I feel a bit more confused on the expectations and am still not clear about what I'm doing. I think that I will have a better understanding once I get going with my experiment in my lab and start taking down data (there's always a learning curve and for me, I need some think time before acting upon anything new-- I'll keep that in mind with my students)

We have to present our posters to 2 different groups - once to the group at BU and then to the group at NEU . I was under the impression that we were creating a poster that can be used in the classroom that brings in the experience that we had this summer -- and for me - the different experiences in 4 different labs. I asked about this because the examples of posters that were shown were so dense with information, that I did not think that this would help my classroom and their understanding of what we did this summer. I was told that the poster should be geared towards my colleagues- not my students and be at the quality where we would present this information to the NSTA. I think that I am going to make my poster with some understanding of what is being done in the lab but in a more simplified version so that my students can see what is being done in the "real world". A mix of the 2 worlds....

Anyway, this week, we were introduced to our new lab and it looks pretty neat. We have a little guidance with the equipment but at the same time, we can use and experiment on different substances. I am thinking about the standards and where this information will fit and I keep thinking about the properties of matter unit and how some substances react to others. This will lend itself to a poster too. Different white powders, able to identify them on the machine and understand which reactant to produce a chemical change to the substance. I am looking forward to starting my tests on it -- We are planning on being in the lab All day tomorrow -- no meetings to attend to so that will be alot of fun.

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