Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Middle of week 4 - Crunch Time

It's crunch time and I'm feeling a bit anxious......

This week, we were asked to create our lesson plan,(check) add to the blog (doing it now) and create a video that we will put on you tube and later on a link to my website ( which I haven't made yet)

We attended a meeting on Monday that took the whole day - it was pretty interesting on Problem Based Learning (or PBL for short) -- It links local businesses with schools to help solve problems that they are having with something that they are manufacturing or plan to manufacture. The students are to brainstorm and try and solve the problem. It was fun but all of us felt that our time could have been better served working in the lab or working on the products that WE need to produce in only 2 1/2 weeks!

Tuesday we had another meeting but then I spent my afternoon creating my lesson plan - I am very excited about trying it out - yes, you current eighth graders are my guinea pigs for trying it out but I think you'll like it :) .... anyway, Mr.P and I then went with Prof. Morse on a presentation fo fiber optic history -- very interesting stuff - especially thinking about the fact that fiber optics were make in 1913 but really not utilized for another 60 years -- now, almost 100 years later-- look at how much we use them! In TV's. Cell Phones, Ipods, Xrays, etc. Pretty awesome stuff!

Today we went to 2 labs -- pictures will follow. My lesson is on identifying White powders using different equipment or different tests and determine what the Mystery white powder acts like.

We looked at several white powdery substances under the electron microscope - can you tell what they are?

Asprin, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Cornstarch, Powdered Sugar (not necessarily in that order)

All White powders and yet .... They look so different up close!

The other lab was my lab with the Raman Spectroscopy Microscope. I used the portable one today. I got all the data that I needed with it. I will be needing to get the actual fingerprints so that I can show them in school. My students will have to figure out which is which, just like the above pics.

I spoke with Ranjithe about videotaping him tomorrow -- hopefully, it will go well and I can post it by Friday. He said that we can do that tomorrow afternoon.

All in All, it has been a good week, busy but productive. I feel much better having a plan for my poster and having my lesson plan done.. TTFN (Ta Ta for Now)

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